Current Press Coverage

For coverage relating to our specific projects like the Facebook Privacy Watcher ("Die Facebook Ampel") and others please refer to the specific pages of those projects, and to the central press overview of the faculty and the University.

Development of the Social Network Usage in Germany

Our study on the utilization of social networks for recommending news articles, which we performed in cooperation with the eMarketing group at TU Darmstadt of Prof. Oliver Hinz has an impressive media response:


Earlier Coverage

The FAZ, Germany's leading daily- and business newspaper, has an article on our group and it's involvement in privacy preserving online social networking. 

  Online Social Networks are currently probably the online service that is most accepted by users and that generates the largest amount of data, and of network traffic, today. However, knowing about a wide range of security problems of the existing Social Networking Services, with the service provider being a big brother that keeps track of all published data and uses it for commercial purposes, we aim at creating a privacy preserving and secure social networking service, based on P2P. Safebook is a cooperation of the P2P Networks Group, TU Darmstadt, and EURECOM.

  The research of the P2P Group has further been covered by a selection of news paper articles, radio features, and interviews:

Frankfurter Rundschau article on the increasing awareness of OSN users [link]

The Hessischer Rundfunk did a feature on the cost of privacy, and interviewed us to ask about the possibilities to provide social networking services "for free" as in without paying with your personal information [link].

dradio Wissen asking back -- the current situation of privacy in online social networks [link]

SESOC 2012 and some of its content in international press

 - the register


 - the huffington post

 - bloomberg

 - the tech herald

 - infoworld

 - the it-pro portal

 - helpnet security


A feature about the introduction of facebook's timeline on SWR-2

Short expert discussion on the current phenomenon of ``facebook parties'' on SWR 2.

A feature on privacy and social networking @ dradio Wissen [link]

The P2P group in "Focus" [link]

The P2P group in Frankfurter Rundschau [link]

The P2P group @ dradio Wissen [link]

The P2P group @ dradio Kultur [link]

The P2P group @ radio eins [link]

The P2P group @ Fritz radio [link]

The P2P group @ swr2 radio [link]

Article in "Echo" [link]

The P2P group @ wdr3 radio [link]

The P2P group feature @ dradio Wissen [link]

The P2P group @ B5 Computermagazin [link]

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