Smart Sensor Network for Online Monitoring of Traffic-generated Pollution Data in Hanoi City

As Hanoi is the most crowded city in Vietnam, environmental pollution due to urbanization, industrialization, increased use of agrochemicals and especially a massive amount of vehicles nowadays has become a serious problem.

Within this project, we are deploying a sensor network in Hanoi, and tackle challenges such as robust network topologies, collecting and routing pollution data and providing support for visualization and report generation. The data does not only cover air pollution, but noise levels, as well. It is collected to provide insight into the current situation and it will be used to establish an early warning system, indicating events of excessive pollution levels. The results will allow for informed decisions in policy making, especially in the context of urban development.

The online platform HAN-Sense is developed as part of the project. It provides an overview of the pollution situation of the centre district of Hanoi.

The project is a scientific collaboration between the VNCERT, the Posts- and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, Hanoi, and TU Darmstadt.

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