Reliable and Secure Data Storage in Decentralized Social Networks

Decentralized Online Social Networks (DOSN) eliminate the single, centralized service provider, following the intention to keep physical and logical control power about the user's personal data at the user's influence zone. Churn (recurrent joining and leaving nodes in the network), as well as the fact that even non popular data items in Social Networks are important to be available, makes it challenging to abolish centralized storage in OSNs.

This project analyses how (1) user data can be stored securely (thus, only legitimate users are allowed access to specific content, where legitimacy is determined by the content owner) even when the content is stored at (potentially) untrusted third-party “peers”, and ensure (2) that the content stays available, even if the data owner is - because of churn - not online at the contemplated moment.

Reliable DOSN is a scientific cooperation between Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU) and TU Darmstadt, funded by the 1°N Programme of the BMBF.

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