BroadMask -- Regaining Privacy Control over User-Provided Content in Facebook

BroadMask is an architecture for private sharing of user-provided content in Online Social Networks. Its implementation features a browser plugin and extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, allowing users to privately share their content with any subset of their friends on Facebook.

Using a third party data host (e.g., Picasa WebAlbums), the extension allows private sharing of arbitrary media files, such as images, music and video files.

BroadMask for Facebook requires an active installation of GnuPG. Compiled versions of the extension are currently available for Linux and Mac OS X. It is open-source and licensed under GPLv3. The implementation is available at


After downloading the latest version from, drag the extension file (.crx for Google Chrome, .xpi for Mozilla-Firefox) onto your browser and confirm the installation.

For Google Chrome, drag the file onto the Chrome's extensions page (Tools > Extensions).

For a complete user guide, visit the documentation of BroadMask at


Oliver Günther (oliver.guenther(a-t)

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