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V2Wed   9:50-11:30    S2|02/C110    19.10.2011    6,020-00-0117-vl    Lecture
Ü2Tue    14:25-16:05    S2|02/C11025.10.201120-00-0117-ue    


-Tue14:25-16:05S2|02/C20521.02.2012 - -Exam

Lecture Slides

Agenda (tentative):

19. 10.2011: Introduction [Lecture 1-1, Slides 1-29]

26. 10.2011: Background and Fundamentals [Lecture 1-2, Slides 30-60] [Lecture_1-2.tar.gz]

2. 11.2011: Traditional File-Sharing Systems [Lecture 2-1, Slides 1-24] [Lecture_2-1.tar.gz]

9.11.2011: Traditional File-Sharing Systems [Lecture 2-2Lecture 2-3 (Slides) and Lecture 2-3 (Video)]

16.11.2011: Addressing and DHT [Lecture 3-1Lecture 3-1.tar.gz]

23. 11.2011: Further DHTs [Lecture 3-2]

30.11.2011: Pimping DHTs (Scalability) [Lecture 3_3video

07.12.2011: Pimping DHTs [Lecture 3-4video]

14.12.2011: Invited Talk Marcel Karnstedt (Digital Enterprise Research Institute, DERI): Distributed Data Mining and User Behaviour Modelling [Lecture]

21.12.2011: Some Graph Theory [Lecture_4-1video]

11.01.2012: Invited Talk Tonio Triebel (Universität Mannheim): P2P Gaming [Lecture_5-1]

18.01.2012: Advanced Graph Theory [Lecture 4-2video]

25.01.2012: P2P Online Social Networks [Lecture 5-2]

1.02.2012: P2P Online Social Networks [Lecture_5-2]

8.02.2012: P2P Online Social Networks [Lecture_5-2]


Information on the exercise can be found here.

Mailing list

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The forum to this lecture can be found here.


Peer-to-Peer Systems and Applications, eds. R. Steinmetz and K. Wehrle, Springer LNCS 3485 contains material on some of the P2P chapters in the course. The book can be accessed online at springerlink from within the TUD network.

Further reading will be provided in the course.

Bonus system

By solving the exercises you can get a bonus for the exam.

For the bonus the following rules apply:

  • You have to pass the exam without the bonus, i.e., the bonus can not turn a 5 into a 4.
  • The bonus can only be used in the first two exam possiblities following this semester's course.
  • The bonus can only be used once per student.
  • If you achieve at least 90 % of the exercise points, you will get a bonus of 0.7, e.g., an improvement from 3.0 to 2.3.
  • If you achieve at least 50 % but less than 90 % of the exercise points, you will get a bonus of 0.3 (or 0.4), e.g., an improvement from 3.0 to 2.7 or from 2.7 to 2.3.

Course cycle

Every winter term.

Einordnung in Studienplan und Prüfungsordnung

Hauptstudium Informatik III.

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